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CRIZOL- Crystal clear lenses:
Transparent at All Times> Sharper Vision> Perfect Appearance
Long Lasting Scratch Resistance> Easy to Clean

Transitions Lenses are the clearest, darkest, fastest and smartest range of lenses ever Transitions Lenses go from clear indoors to comfortably dark outdoors. With a remarkably smart technology that enables you to see clearly and more comfortably in virtually and light, Transitions Lenses are convenient to wear right through the day. Clearest - Darkest - Fastest - Smartest For the smartest choice in everyday lenses, ask for Transitions Lenses with Crizal anti-reflective coating.

AIRWEAR-Built for your Style
ULTRA THIN : Look Better- ULTRA LIGHT : Get Comfortable- ULTRA FLAT : Look more natural- ULTRA SAFE : Shield your eyes- SUPERIOR SCRATCH RESISTANCE : Keep your lenses Longer- CRYSTAL CLEAR : Discover Excellence- UV PROTECTION : Protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays

Our mission is to grow in service of our customers through professional efforts, to set benchmarks in quality and after sale servicing. Last but not least Arasan Opticals is the One stop shopping for all your optical needs.

Freedom Beyond 40 Varilux® lenses are made to your individual specifications. They are only available through selected Eye Care Professionals.

Varilux® Panamic - Catch all the action with a Panaromic Vision Varilux® Panamic is the first progressive spectacle lens that offers a panoramic view. In a recent clinical study, 90% of wearers rated distant vision with Varilux Panamic as 'GOOD' or 'EXCELLENT'.* *Clinical study among 93 previous progressive lens wearers, the largest sample ever tested in progressive lens clinical trials(Essilor 1999)

Varilux® Comfort: Over 100 million Satisfied wearers the world over There are many good reasons why many people have worn Varilux® Comfort: An extra wide field of view from close to far You maintain a more natural posture Quick and Easy adaptation Varilux Liberty – Varilux progressive lenses for everybody Varilux Ellipse – A small frame progressive lens

TOP BRANDS - Power lenses


Power Glasses & Plain Glasses All reading brands white, tinted, photochromatic, single vision, Bifocal and progressive lenses avilable.


There is always a Varilux® Lens that best suits your visual and budget requirements. Ask your Eye Care Professional to explain to you the Varilux® range.