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Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses
1. Opthomalogists recommend wearing UV blocking sunglasses whenever you are in the sun.Ultraviolet (UV) light damages the cornea as well as the retina. Good sunglasses could eradicate UV rays completely.
2. Sunglasses protect the delicate skin in the eye area from premature signs of aging due to UV rays and sun damage.
3. Large wraparound sunglasses help to protect the eyes from the wind, sand, dirt and pollen carried by the wind.
4. Sunglasses also help keep you safe while driving or playing sports from bright sun glare.Polarized lenses are best suited for these situations because they reduce reflected glare from the sun.
5. According to experts, wearing sunglasses on sunny days also offers a benefit of improved vision at night. Interesting fact: According to scientists at the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, wearing sunglasses on long plane journeys can actually reduce the effects of jet lag.

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TOP BRANDS - sun glasses

Maui Jim

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Ray Ban

Warning: The lenses in most low priced sunglasses and from the unathorized people do not offer sufficient UV protection.